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while you are of course allowed your opinion in this matter .
the fact is that this royal huntsman's rules are posted, end of story.
if however you wish to add your proposed shoot to a discussion about future 
possible options for the rh, they are welcome.

the ca community has spent years trying to lose the " target archery" image 
" were not those guys , see were out here getting hit just like the rest of 
the heavies " " did you see me kill that guy "
they have made great strides in that direction, to fall back now , and say " 
they don't like us over there , we are all archers , we wanna play with you 
instead " is really sad .
they need to stop straddling the fence, and seriously work on group tactics, 
as well as individual skills, to step up and volunteer to be " archer 
generals " and actually put the archers to effective use .to lead  ,  not 
whine that no one uses them effectively.
as long as the combat archery community isn't serious about themselves , why 
should the heavies call them equals ? why should the target archers have to 
give up their one day in front of the crowns to make the combat archers feel 
more loved ??

there are many sides to this puzzle, will chocolate fall out when its opened 
or will it be pin head ??  I don't have a clue , but I really hope that 
everyone will work together to come to some kind of agreement,so that this 
kind of thing doesn't happen in the future ,  who knows if it is a good 
agreement maybe the crowns will even give it a try at some later rh  ; )

as always , just my opinion,
Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .
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> If I recall correctly, I was the first Kings Archer to be awarded between 
> battles @ Gulf War,  I'm pretty sure I wasn't the last.  I've also made it 
> to the final rounds of more than a couple of Archery Tournaments and was 
> even the Last Man Standing once.  (Not the Huntsman Tourney but... oh 
> well)
> I've been the Archery General @ Gulf War one year when Ironwyrm couldn't 
> make it.  I've worn the Kings Baldric as a member of his guard, awarded 
> after a particularly hairy Swiss Five Tourney.
> I mention this so you'll know I say this with love.  Smarten up.  I am 
> really tired of CA being treated like a red headed Step child by the heavy 
> community and we've all worked way to hard to change that just to be 
> treated like red headed step children by the target archery community.  We 
> are all Archers.  Splitting up and adding new Champions is NOT a Good 
> Thing.  Sometimes the Royal Huntsman will put Venison on the table and 
> sometimes Trimarians.
> Do I like a tournament whose format that makes the previous rounds moot? 
> Not particularly, that's why I've suggested a modification that prevents 
> that,  Target only shooters just need to be far enough ahead that me 
> getting a chance at an extra 20 points or so will still let them win.
> Suggesting that we put two Archers behind the thrones WILL make people 
> decide which THEY value more and pretty much undo untold number of years 
> of getting TA recognized as valuable.
> YiS,
>      Lord Wilim Penbras
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