[Ansteorra-chirurgeon] Office of Kingdom Chirurgeon is open for bids

Threlkeld, Richard Richard.Threlkeld at usa.xerox.com
Mon Jul 14 08:51:46 PDT 2003

Below is the letter I sent to the Crown and they have approved me opening
the office for bids. 

If you are interested, please send your bid to the Society Chirurgeon with
copies to me, the Crown, and the Kingdom Seneschal. They will need a copy of
your membership card and your certs. In your bid, you might want to list
things you have done in the Society and outside that you believe would help
you in this office. You might also want to give some idea of the direction
you would like to take the Chirurgeonate.

In service,
Caelin on Andrede
Kingdom Chirurgeon, Ansteorra


Kingdom Chirurgeon position is open for bids

It is with some sadness that I must put the office of Kingdom Chirurgeon of
the great Kingdom of Ansteorra up for bids. I will have held that office for
two years at the end of October, 2003, and it is time to let another
Chirurgeon enjoy and grow in the office. With the permission of the Crown
and the Society Chirurgeon, I would like to close the bids October 1, 2003,
and step down at the end of October.

I have several deputies and others who have indicated they would be
interested in the position. At least one of those is eminently qualified,
but it would be inappropriate to recommend anyone before all the bids are

We have accomplished much during the last two years. We now have 50% more
Chirurgeons. We have active Regionals in all Regions. We have active
Chirurgeons in all regions. The Waterbearer's Guild has been restarted and
is on its way to being a vital group. We have our first Master Waterbearer,
Morgan Cain.

Our web pages have been completely redesigned to meet the goals of giving
information to people interested in becoming Chirurgeons, providing needed
information and reference data to experienced Chirurgeons, and moving all
reporting online. Additionally, we have put training opportunities online
with full details and online registration. 

We have created a new training center that can provide first aid and CPR
training for as little as $15 for both. This compares to $65 for lesser
courses from Red Cross in the Dallas area. We now have 4 Trainers and 8
Instructors who are fully qualified to teach certification courses. We have
created online resources to create training announcements, collect
registrations, and reporting on training activities. 

We have begun teaching courses about aspects of Chirurgeoning in the SCA:
Chirurgeoning 101, Being the Chirurgeon in Charge, Scenarios, and special
courses when we need them (e.g. Getting the most from the new web pages).
The Scenarios is used to give Apprentices and experienced Chirurgeons
training in handling situations they would rarely get a chance to work. This
prepares them to handle complicated situations, handling crowds, and other
aspects of being a Chirurgeon.

Finally, the morale is very high. Chirurgeons feel they are receiving more
attention and, with more of them to do the work, they are not having to work
exceptionally long hours. 

I feel I am handing the Chirurgeonate to my successor in relatively good
shape. I will continue to be the Director of the training center, because
that relationship is between me personally and the provider (we have not
worked out the liability issues that might be present if Ansteorra became
the training center). I will continue to be an active Chirurgeon and help
the Kingdom Chirurgeon wherever possible. I will be the next War Chirurgeon
for Gulf Wars.

In service to Ansteorra and her Crown,
HL Caelin on Andrede, Master Chirurgeon
Kingdom Chirurgeon, Ansteorra

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