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This is a forward and I have highlighted the sections that apply to us. 
Sir Kief has been around a long time and does not give out his praise lightly. And if you messed up he will let ya know.
And I do need to let all in the chirurgeonate & WB Guild know that I as KC received my accolades on the wonderful job done by ya''ll form many sources all the way up to TRM (both outgoing & incoming) and even Her RM from the East. 
I could not have asked for better work out of the chirurgeonate/WB Guild then ya'll gave.
ViVat!! Ya'll make my work as KC both easy and fun. 

Kief av Kiersted <sirkief at yahoo.com> wrote:
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 11:05:45 -0700 (PDT)
From: Kief av Kiersted 
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Subject: [Afty] Working with good folks...

Heilsa all...

I wanted to say that, as Security Second, it was a pleasure to
work with all involved with the AAA. 

I want to commend HL Dolfin for the long hours he put in as
Security Prime, Sir Badon for his hard work as Team Leader, and
Lady Simone for her long hours of late night work as Security
team member.

**Special Notice 1** - I wish to especially recognize the Chefs:
Mistresses Clarissa, Meadbhb, and Gwenneth...they worked a huge
amount of hours preparing the materials that became a great
feast...their crew did yeoman service doing the same... Most of
the rest of us could more around a bit more...they were stuck in
one spot...with **more** heat from the burners, smokers, and
refrigeration truck... I cannot praise their efforts
enough...days and nights of work in extreme conditions to feed a
fabulous feast to **FIVE HUNDRED** Ansteorrans and their
guests... Hail the Chefs and their Crew...!

HL Annes did a great job as History coordinator...! The display
looked fantastic...!

Kudos to the Merchant coordinators...! Ronnie and Pet., great
job...everyone seemed to be happy...!

The site work was great! The Hall looked fantastic...! 

Ysfael and Eleanor...The Marshaling / fighting scheduling was
done in a efficient and timely manner...!

Here's to the folks at Gate...! It looked smooth as silk...which
means that ya'll worked *very* hard at making it look so
easy...*LoL*...and we all know that Gate is *not* an easy job...!

The Heralding...! The Waterbearing...! Equestrian...! Archery...!
Fireworks...! Children's Activities...! The Arts & Sciences...!
The Dancing...!

Everywhere I traveled on site...everyone was working their butts
off to make it **special** for Ansteorrans on their 25th Birthing

**Special Notice 2** - The Chirugeons were...well...in a
word...simply the **best**...no matter what hour of the day or
night...someone was **always** there if they were needed...!
Thanks to you all for everyone that needed your services...!

**Special Notice 3** - To Richard and Arabella...ya'll did a
great job, given the circumstances. Between the two of you ya'll
were available 24 hours a day...handled all the internal and
external problems, soothed frayed nerves, and did everything you
could to make the event the very best it could be. I watched and
listened to you both take care of business...and I know that
there was plenty that I did not / do not know about... Good work

It was a distinct pleasure in working with and observing all of
you good folks...those that I mentioned and a great many that I
did not name... The Kingdom is greater for your efforts and hard

Your good neighbor...

Wæs Þu Hæl in FriÞ through TroÞ
"Better the Hammer than the nail..."
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