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Simple and to the point. Thanks for doing it, I forgot also.
And ya could have left out the part about my being made a master. I really do not think I have done enough to earn it. Hell all of ya'll that are my deputies & regionals do most of the work and make me just have wave and smile most of the time.  And I am very greatful for this fact. 

And lastly the work done by most of ya'll at AAA made it about the easiest event we have had inspite of the heat & lenght of the event.
And VIVAT TO OUR WBs, The heat injuries were so low only because of the work you folks did. 

Sue Delk <ladydds at centex.net> wrote:
Sorry!  I forgot with the hoopla going on about AAA.  My fault.  Here goes....
Greetings Ansteorra!!
    WOW.  That's all that we can say about AAA.  What a great event!  The chirurgeonate and waterbearers are very thankful for all of the donations of gatorade, oranges, pickles and melons that were brought to AAA.  The waterbearers had more than enough supplies, and were actually giving away fruit and extra supplies!! Thank you again, Ansteorra!  The chirurgeonate had relatively few heat related injuries and most fighters were telling us they were "sloshing" from all the water and gatorade the waterbearers provided.
    Round Table was a success with First Aid/CPR classes, Waterbearer 101, and Chirurgeon 101. Many thanks to the stewards of the event, HL Phillip and Master Modius.  Our kingdom has more warranted chirurgeons than most, and at some events we have more chirurgeons working than entire kingdoms have chirurgeons!  
    At AAA, a new Chirurgeon Emeritus was made, Countess Allyson.  The Chirurgeon Emeritus is someone who is retiring from active chirurgeon duty (treating patients) but is still willing to teach and impart their vast knowledge to other chirurgeons.  Congratulations, Countess Allyson!!  Our very own Kingdom Chirurgeon, Herr Arkell, was made a Master Chirurgeon at this event for his service to the chirurgeonate.  Congratulations, Herr Arkell!!  Several new Master Waterbearers were made, as well.  For their service as Kingdom Waterbearers, Mistress Hillary, HL Enid, Baroness Muriann, Lady Muriella, and HL Crandall were all made Master Waterbearers.  Unfortunately, only Mistress Hillary, HL Crandall, and Baroness Muriann were able to attend and be recognized.  Also made Master Waterbearer was Lady Giovanna Lena Caronna from Loch Solleir.  Congratulations to all!
    If you are interested in becoming a chirurgeon, please ask one of us.  We are more than willing to answer any questions you might have.  
    Thank you, Ansteorra, for your continued support of the chirurgeonate and waterbearer's guilds!
In service to Crown and Kingdom,
Herr Arkell vom Cophus
Kingdom Chirurgeon
Lady Genevieve del Gamba
Kingdom Waterbearer
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Subject: Last call for reports

Greetings everyone...

Last call for reports.


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