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Gothic Wars XIV 
Elfsea Defender XXVI 
Crown Tournament 
??Laurel's Prize Tournament ??
??Lughnasad & Royal Huntsman Tournament??
And you kow the history better then I do.
I hope once you get it down I can then Learn it from you.

Gerita/Carolle Cox <hpockets at verizon.net> wrote:
Hey all!
Will the Regional, DK, and Kingdom Chirurgeons and Waterbearers please contact me.  I'm looking for what 3 events you will attend next.  That way I can try and figure out how to get your cloak back to you.  It also seems a fair way to get these cloaks back to their current 'owners'.  
Please remember:  these are velvet.  They really should be worn for Court and other indoor activities only.  They cannot be ironed (unless you have a pinboard), and must be dry-cleaned.  So far, the velvet loses wrinkles quickly when the cloak is hung up, so that's a good thing.  I've ironed the cotton lining separately, and that works, too.
If anyone can help me figure out how to (inexpensively) attach the beaded Ansteorran stars such that they can be removed for the dry-cleaning process, please contact me, too.  Most dry-cleaners won't accept the beads, or will press them so deeply into the velvet pile as to ruin both.  
AND:  I am embroidering the names of all current officers into the cloaks.  If you know the history of your office (or can find it easily), I'd like to get those names in above yours as a sort of living lineage.  If you have that info now, please send it to me - and I'll get it into the cloak before it gets back to you. 
Sorry for the bandwidth.
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