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Mon Mar 29 11:42:58 PST 2004

My Lady,

I will be in attendance at both the Lindenwood and Warlord events.  As usual
we can be on call to serve as chirurgeon's whenever needed.


Anne the Spinster
Brenainn mac giolla Padric

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Today's Topics:

   1. Events Assistance (Gerita/Carolle Cox)


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Greetings, fellow fleam-bearers!

I come before you, wearing several hats as usual, to beg assistance over
the coming few months.  Here is what I need:

1.  Someone, preferably from Steppes or Central Region, to run the
Chirurgeon "Meeting" on Saturday night at War Lord.  I've secured us a
spot on the schedule.  The rest is.....yours?

2.  Lindenwood's Cattle Wars the weekend of May 7. The CIC will be
serving their first event in this position.  Chirurgeons will be needed
to help.  Will you heed the call?

3.  Steppes War Lord.  I am the Chirurgeon in Charge.  This event is
held at Canton First Monday site once again.  We'll need Chirurgeons for
all list fields (Heavy, Rapier, Equestrian, Coursing, Youth, Archery,
Thrown Weapons, and Champions), plus roving populace services as usual.
Please contact me and let me know what you're willing to do to keep our
fellow players safe.

For those Water-Bearers on the list - Both events will need
waterbearers!  WarLord has a WIC (Lady Catalina) who will be depending
on you for a lot of help with all those active fields!

Ever in Service,
Gerita del Mare

The years that a woman subtracts from her age are not lost.  They are
added to the ages of other women.  -- Diane de Poitiers (1499 - 1566)


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