[Ansteorra-chirurgeon] Who's Where?

Gerita/Carolle Cox hpockets at verizon.net
Mon Mar 29 14:03:03 PST 2004

My Lady Anne, 
Thank you for your offer of assistance.  HL Caelin has taken on the
Chirurgeon's Meeting at Warlord.  That leaves the organization of a
pot-luck revel after Saturday evening's court, if someone wants to
arrange it (it wasn't on the original list).

For Lindenwood - would you or Bren'nain like to CIC that? If not, is
someone else going that wants the chance to do a smallish event?

For Warlord - I'm going to need people doing shifts like GW - Rover,
Point, and one on each active battle field all weekend.  Those who sign
up first get their choice, eh?

Here's what I have for which Chirurgeon will be where this spring. I
will Not be at Collegium - that's the weekend my son graduates from
college.  Sorry, all!

April 2-4 North Sea Raids (Caley)
April 9-11 Elfsea Spring Fair (Gerita)
April 16-18 Stargate Baronial (Caley)
April 30-2 Crown tournment (Caley and maybe Gerita)
May 7-9 Loch Sollier Baronial
	  Lindenwood Cattle Wars (Gerita, Anne, Bren'nain)
May 28-31 Steppes Warlord  (Caley, Gerita, Anne, Bren'nain,
June 11-13 Winter Colligium (Caley)
June 25-27 Academy of the bow (Caley)
July 9-11 AAA (Caley, Gerita, Arkell, Caelin,)

In Service, 

People are like stained glass windows.  They sparkle and shine when the
sun is out, but when darkness sets in, their beauty is revealed only if
there is a light from within. -- Elizabeth Kübler-Ross

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