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Spelling-schmelling!  I assure you, Webster wasn't even a gleam in
someone's eye in the Middle Ages.
Oh, for Pete's sake!  You were with me when we did the guy who insisted
on putting his <frowsty> fighter's hand in the common drink cooler,
weren't you?  Allison was at that time KC, and I think Caelin was
Elfsea's Baronial.  She had to come look at the guy's hand because i
told him to hie his glutes to the doc to have that thumb set, as I
recall, yes?  That 'little apprentice' was so enthusiastic, so obviously
capable, and so willing to follow our silly rules that tied her down and
wouldn't let her be an EMT.  Yes, Caley, you've grown up into a fine
And to all those Chirurgeons who 'only take one Apprentice', I must
gently point out to you that no one has 'their own' apprentices in
Ansteorra.  We all share the work of bringing up all the apprentices.
Why?  because of situations just like this one, and several others we've
(the KC and Deputies) fallen over in the past few years, in which the
Apprentice never gets 'made' despite, in some cases, literally years of
Apprenticeship!  Please, folks:  Apprentices are not the property of
individual Chirurgeons; they belong to ALL of us.  That way, they get
the benefit of working with several Chirurgeons who might just remember
to share what the one before forgot about.  Now, if you befriend an
Apprentice, it's perfectly fine to push their 'rights' to the KC when
they seem ready to be a Journeyman.  And it's ALWAYS acceptable to pass
your baldric to that person when they are made Journeyman (after you
sign it on the inside, with the years you wore it).  Just, please, pass
them around during their training phase - it really does make better
And to those of you willing to serve as CIC:  when an Apprentice signs
in with you, please get them quickly to a Journeyman so they can begin
showing what they can do.  See that they're passed around over the
course of the weekend, to anyone willing to take them (especially some
of those lazy Masters), and see that Evals are done by everyone who
worked with them and saw them do even a Band-Aid.  
climbing carefully off her soapbox
PS:  So, Caley, where would you like to see yourself in the
Chirurgeonate in 5 years?  That'll help us find you the next
People are like stained glass windows.  They sparkle and shine when the
sun is out, but when darkness sets in, their beauty is revealed only if
there is a light from within. -- Elizabeth Kübler-Ross

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Sorry for the miss-spelling. Yes, dear it was you! Muhahaha .....You
made me! You got me some of my first recognized apprentice hours up at a
canton event I believe. Caelin was there and Allison, I beleive was on
the throne. Up til you, I was confronted with alot of people saying to
me, how society doesn't want chirurgeons who are emts. You were like
"great" come sit by me. I had gone to another event up in that region
and people kept saying stuff like " I made her, and him, and her" but I
can only take one apprentice at a time.  It sounded like being squired
and I swore off the chirurgeonate and started wearing the paramedic
patch on my belt. You were very kind to me, when I wasn't sure this is
what I needed to pursue or quit trying.
Sorry I spelled your name wrong again..... hope I haven't disappointed
you as one of your apprentices.

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