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It sounds like the input was given by The Legal Committee and someone who
allegedly saw IV bags at Estrella and opened this entire can of worms.
Unless of course that person is On the legal committee: in that case,
there's no one but them to my knowledge.

I don't know who 'the chirurgeonate as a whole' is, Moira, but I do know
that Chirurgeons trained in Ansteorra often have, as a part of that
training, discussion of oxygen administration, splinting and packaging, and
the basic nursing care of wilderness response.  Since this is a part of
their training, and since any equipment I am aware of is personally owned by
certain Chirurgeons (unless we're talking Gulf or Pennsic Wars, neither of
which are Ansteorran) I honestly think they're just rattling sabres, trying
to frighten people who live and breathe to help others into doing as little
as possible so someone does not get sued.  

Lawsuits are a fact of life!  Someone I know was just handed papers
regarding a lawsuit that is utterly stupid and frivolous.  But you know
what?  He has to respond to that passel of garbage as though it were the
gospel truth, because it is unless he fights it.  If he wins, his future
will go well, if he doesn't, I hope he likes the underside of a bridge and
PBJ sandwiches at the homeless shelter. We are all open to lawsuit over
anything and everything we do and do not do.  Rather than getting scared
over this, we can choose to act mindfully, working within our training only,
doing our SOAP notes in as much detail as we can, and keeping copies for

And then go on and help those people.  After all, that is what we do.


PS Thanks, Crandall, for helping me find my spine again.

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As just a journeyman with *just* basic first aid, I do have to comment, and 
these opinions are soley my own.

Being pregnant for 2 years running, I always felt safer at events because I 
knew if something went wrong, there WERE Chiurgeons around who were 
qualified outside the SCA to help me and my babies.  They had "personal 
equipment" that would get used and every ounce of their skill would go to 
whatever needed to get done.  Reasonable people (yes, I know, a rare thing) 
would likey say the same.  I agree with Gerita 100%. When there is someone I

know with more knowlege than me I get out of the way because the patient 
comes first, and who's ass gets sued is the last thing I'm thinking about 
when someone is bleeding.

Has the Chiurgeonate as a whole been providing input to this whole matter, 
or just the CG?  Just wondering.



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