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Robin Whatevermynameisnow flypper4 at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 9 07:32:39 PST 2005

As just a journeyman with *just* basic first aid, I do have to comment, and 
these opinions are soley my own.

Being pregnant for 2 years running, I always felt safer at events because I 
knew if something went wrong, there WERE Chiurgeons around who were 
qualified outside the SCA to help me and my babies.  They had "personal 
equipment" that would get used and every ounce of their skill would go to 
whatever needed to get done.  Reasonable people (yes, I know, a rare thing) 
would likey say the same.  I agree with Gerita 100%. When there is someone I 
know with more knowlege than me I get out of the way because the patient 
comes first, and who's ass gets sued is the last thing I'm thinking about 
when someone is bleeding.

Has the Chiurgeonate as a whole been providing input to this whole matter, 
or just the CG?  Just wondering.



Good things take time;  Great things happen all at once.

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