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I repeat as said earlier that no By-Law or policy change has occured yet. WE r to contniue business as we always do!!!!!

medicfem at aol.com wrote: Ok Let's all take a deep breath,
The opinion of the Chirurgeonate as a whole has not changed since its exsistance. There are pro- and Con - chirurgeon people at every level of Society including the BOD.
This is a ammendment to the board and SCA by - laws. Now, let those who are at the kingdom or Society level chirurgeonate do their jobs and make their cases. It currently does not change who we are or what we do. Until they give us a new name or a new set of laws.... all is still the same in my book.
Let our Chirurgeon General tell us what is our next course of action. So we get new names and red chirurgeons were once apprentices and silver chirurgeons were once journeyman and gold chirurgeons were once Masters and a platinum chirurgeon were once our chirurgeon general. Who knows what will come down the line next! Just roll with it and remember we do this for fun.
So were no longer carry OTC's in our bags! I can point to a basket just as easily.
So the chirurgeonate does not own an AED ....  but Richard does. So the chirurgeonate does not own oxygen bottles ....... but Penny has a few back at camp she will use. 
When people seperate the people from the chirurgeonate they serve ... there is no discussion. The modern people are certified .... the SCA persona is not. 
By the way, a non profit group that requests for First Aid training and CPR training individuals get people who can use oxygen administration and are AED trained by the RED CROSS, AHA or ASHI. This person needs to brush up on what is First aid and CPR trained and what does that detail. I will gladly send her the manuals.
By the Way .... the Good Samaritan does cover the AED if you have had an approved course such as ASHI CPR pro or AHA for the professional rescuer. http://www.ncsl.org/programs/health/aed.htm
If you are a lay person not working in the medical field.....
No liability for emergency aid unless gross negligence1 A person who renders emergency medical services or aid to an ill, injured or unconscious person, at the immediate scene of an accident or emergency that has caused the illness, injury or unconsciousness, is not liable for damages for injury to or death of that person caused by the person's act or omission in rendering the medical services or aid unless that person is grossly negligent.
Exceptions2 Section 1 does not apply if the person rendering the medical services or aid
(a) is employed expressly for that purpose, or
(b) does so with a view to gain.

In Service we remain,
Lady Caley of Lancashire
Ansteorra Deputy Kingdom Chirurgeon - Training Division ( until they tell me who I am otherwise )
mundanely known as: ( here comes the list... LOL )
Penny Kaye Engelking
10 year Licensed Paramedic in the State of Texas
under the Medical Direction of Dr. Julius Gray M.D. on a truck or off 
City of Taft EMS
Driscoll Children's Hospital Flight Paramedic ( making International flights daily somedays even to California)
Advance Cardiac Life Support
Pediactric Advance Life Support
Neonatal Rescusitation Provider
Basic Trauma Life Support
Ameriacn Heart Assoc. Instructor
American Safety and Health Instructor
Emergency Vehicle Operation certified 
Go ahead tell me 
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    I can see where they are coming from, to an extent.  The BOD is all about covering their ass.  You and I both know that lawsuits have not happened at the rate that they COULD have happened.  A lot of that is due to the waivers that are in place and due to the fact that the Chirurgeonate as a whole has been good at keeping "treatment" to a minimum and by providing good documentation.  But, I think that they need to realize that people will sue for NOT giving treatment just as fast as for giving treatment.  The AED issue is BS.  If airports, malls, police cars, etc. have them for "John Doe" to use, why can't we?  They are virtually idiot proof.  Try to explain why one was NOT used when available to a grieving spouse who just lost their husband/wife to a massive MI that could have been treated with early defib.  
    I can also see the logic (though I don't agree with it) behind the name change.  In a way it does imply more training than others, even if we know the difference.  But rarely does anyone we treat at events even know who is apprentice/Journeyman/Master anyway!!  They just see the red baldric and couldn't care the difference in the "racing stripes."
    And it's BULLSHIT about changing the CHIRURGEON GENERAL's name to something else.  WHY?  Did somebody get jealous because our name is different than everybody else's?  Jeez Louise.  
You're right.  Maybe I don't want to be KC after all.  And you can tell Eleanor I said that!  

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