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<sigh> OUR Masters are not Peers.  That's the only thing that doesn't jive
with the rest of the SCA.  Are they afraid we Masters will revolt and
suddenly begin demanding Peerages?  Perish the thought!  I deal with enough
bureaucracy and nasty rumors without entering another realm of being

When will they ever learn?  I only know a very few Master Chirurgeons that
would be happy trading this title for one of Peerage.  The rest of us are
quite happy being "hey, you!  Chirurgeon!"

No, Peers do not go the whole 'guild' route.  Apprentices become Laurels,
and Protégés become Pelicans.  Although I served several months as the
Student of my Peer before he granted me the status of Protégé, that is not
required.  I'm glad he did it, though!


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Here, here.  That makes a lot of sense.  I did however
think that in medieval times that any guild or group
had apprentices, journeymen and then Masters.  I still
have trouble understanding how they can take umbrage
at using those titles.  Of course the peers do not
have the full guild names, they go from apprentice to
Master, or am I incorrect in that.  

Will we still be able to try to get donations of
supplies and share them with each other, or is that
not allowed either?

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