[Ansteorra-chirurgeon] How to contact the BOD

richard hall arkellvomcophus at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 9 15:52:43 PST 2005

Please direct all emails/inquries to about this to directors at sca.org. They have not given us any info to give you.  

Robin Whatevermynameisnow <flypper4 at hotmail.com> wrote:
So it's as I suspected... Ranting here amongst ourselves will make us feel 
better, but we really need to clue the "Powers that Be." Is there a way 
Chiurgeons can provide input to the BoD through proper channels (emphasis on 
proper channels)? Maybe provide them with some education/information/what 
the Chiurgeons think? Maybe get y'all who are medical professionals to say 

When I get my own kit I plan on having meds in there, and a couple other 
things I *know* how to use. Robin Lindsey's first aid kit is just that. 

Thanks for making me laugh today Crandall..

Fleam, likely to not be much more, and doesn't care.

P.S. "Fleam" makes me think of some sort of oral hygeine product.

Good things take time; Great things happen all at once.

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The BOD has not even been talking to the CG let alone any of the rest of the 
Chirurgeonate. The BOD is off on this all alone.


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