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Wed Nov 9 15:16:50 PST 2005

Dear Mr. Hall,

I know that change of any kind is uncomfortable and will cause this kind of furor.  If people misunderstand the posting then they may write to me directly as the Ombudsman to the Chirurgeonate.  Please do not copy other people's postings to the director's list.  If someone wants to contact me they may do so directly.  

Limiting people to first aid when they are working as chirurgeons does not limit a trained professional from offering what care they have been trained, licensed or certified to do.  The SCA requires first aid training to be a chirurgeon so that is what the SCA provides as the level of care.  We have trained emergency medical care within minutes of our sites and have paramedics at our major wars.  Having cell phones readily available is probably our most useful tool.    The Chirurgeon's hand book already defines first aid.  This just adheres to the handbook, protects the SCA, and the chirurgeons.

I am a medical professional.  I have been a nurse for 25 years. Prior to that I was an EMT.  I work in high risk Obstetrics at a major hospital and teach for a nursing school.  My profession and my own ethics demand that I will do all I can to help a sick or injured individual, including preventing others from incurring further risk to that person.   I am not a chirurgeon.  

I understand that the people who volunteer their time are well meaning, good hearted individuals.  The name changes should not change that.  As a Kingdom Chirurgeon I would hope you would support the changes being made.

Dena Cady
Director, SCA, inc.
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