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richard hall arkellvomcophus at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 6 10:35:00 PDT 2005

Unto the Chirurgeonate of Ansteorra,

Let me start by saying hi to all of you and that I am sorry the modern life/work changes have kept me from playing much this past summer. I did not even get to make Gothic due to being at work because of the Hurricane. I do miss youz guyz and hope to see most of you this fall at events. I think we have one of the best if not the best chiurgeonates in the knowne world. 

Now on to some buisness.

1st-I am very sadden in the way that we are following the by-laws as set down in both the JAN 04 SCA Chirurgeonate Handbook and the JUN 04 Ansteorran Handbook in turning in the yearly report required of each chirurgeon. This is a required action from all chirurgeon's if you would like to stay active. Our DKC-Admin and myself need these reports. If all people who have or had birthdays from JAN 05-SEP 05 have not reported to our DKC-Admin or myself by the end of the month I will be forced to place you on the inactive list that will sent to this list and to the regional seneschals & chirurgeons. And if still not corrected by JAN 06 when the new warrant roster will be signed by TRM your name will not be on that list. Please look online at www.chirurgeon.net under resorces and then in the habndbooks to se what is needs to be in these reports. EMAIL or Snail mail work to send in the report.

2nd-Deputies & Regionals it time for your Quaterly reports to be in to me by 15 SEP. 

3rd-local Branch chirurgeon are required to make montly reports to their regionals. This also is not happening. I will start having the regionals release people from the job if it they can not report. And just so you know it I through the regionals that appoints you to the job not the local seneschals or B&Bs. Even if all you say in your report is hi nothing has happened and nothing has changed from last month it is required to report.

4th-I need to know from all journeymen & masters who youz guyz think is ready to move from apprentice to journeyman & from the masters on who you would like to see maybe become a master. Please email the names to me at chirurgeon at ansteorra.org.

And lastly as will announced in the OCT Blackstar my term of office as KC is coming to an end in JAN 06. for those of you who would like to apply please fill out the app for office located on the Ansteorran web page under the seneschal's section and also the forms section (I think, if my 3 functioning brains are working at all right now). The app goes to the SCG at chirurgeon at sca.org & myself at chirurgeon at ansteorra.org and please cc TRM at crown at ansteorra.org . You can snailmail it to my self at the address in the Blackstar and I will forward it to the rest.

In Service always, to the 
Chirurgeonate, Kingdom, & the Dream,

Herr Arkell vom Cophus
Kingdom Chirurgeon 
Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra
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