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I hope this missive finds all of you well. 
I need your help: we still have several Chirurgeons who have not forwarded
copies of their new certifications to me.  I really don't want to lose
Chirurgeons over paperwork issues, so I come begging to each of you to
contact the delinquent ones in your Region to encourage them to get going!
They are:
Central:  Adelaide de Ruthven  Missing First Aid and membership
                Elisabeth of Pendarvis - membership
                Elizabeta di Valore della Rosa - membership
               Gillianna Millisant McKinon - First Aid, CPR, membership
                Greylond Aston - CPR, membership
                Ranulf - membership
                Seamus O'Dubhoa - First Aid, membership
                Simone Ui'Dunlainghe - First Aid
                Siobhan inghean Duinn Ui Neill - First Aid, CPR, membership
Coastal: Asatriona inyhean Piedraig - membership
                Godise Davidesdohtor - CPR, membership
                Guillaiume Richard - membership
                Lorensa Fraser - CPR
                Mairead - CPR, membership
                Elizabeth of Carrigart - First Aid, CPR, membership
Northern: Brenna Mac Ewan - membership
                Catin de Mortain - CPR, membership
                Galiwyn Varrianes - membership
                Michel Mac Donnchaid - CPR
                Randall Peevey - membership
                Renault du Mont-Saint Michele - First Aid, CPR, membership
Southern: Ebergardis von Zell - membership
                Katerine le Bernier - membership
                Servita Zola - CPR, membership
                Siobhan Emer Buchanan - First Aid, Membership
                Theodora Lachanodrakon - CPR, membership
                Yrsa Muysingerdottir - First aid, CPR, membership
Western: Morrigan dun'Lonardall - First Aid, CPR, membership
Thankyou so much.
harried DK/Administration
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