[Ansteorra-chirurgeon] Mail list question and ER maps question.

Sue Delk ladydds at verizon.net
Thu Jun 8 06:31:39 PDT 2006

The KC runs the Ansteorra-chirurgeon on the Ansteorra server.  I also think to have two is kinda silly, but probably one was there before the other and never got transferred/deleted.  I just want our chirurgeons to be able to get the info they need, network, get help for events, etc. in whatever way that is efficient for everyone.


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  Don't know who owns ansteorra-chirurgeon. I run Chirurgeonate-Ansteorra on
  yahoogroups. I inherited it from Croaker when he left the kingdom. Don't
  know why there are two.

  I think having maps available for handing people who need them is a great
  idea. After I get the Chirurgeon.net site back up (I have found a new
  hosting site run by a Chirurgeon and it looks like we can get it done), I
  might put up a feature like that. It would be fun to thing of how to best
  organize it to best serve CICs.


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