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kool, this sounds like it has lots of potential , not only for saving money, 
but for making some things a lot easier to keep track of .
Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .
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> Just to give you all a brief run-down of the system we're gearing 
> toward....
> This is a system to alleviate the paperwork and mailing expenses on the 
> back
> end of the authorization process, not a testing procedure to replace or
> enhance the existing authorization process.
> In a nutshell, we're working on an online process for the administration 
> of
> cards, expirations, authorizations, and the like.  Here is kind of a
> run-down of the flow of the new system.  I'm going to say "fighter"
> generically.
> Fighter wants to authorize.  Authorization marshal may tell the fighter
> about the website before or after authorization exercises.  Doesn't really
> matter.  When the fighter registers on the site, he will select his
> authorization marshal from a drop down list.  Once fighter registration is
> complete, the authorization marshal will get an email saying, "You have a
> fighter who needs to authorize."
> The marshal logs in and finds the new fighter assigned to him, and checks
> off on the forms for which the new fighter is authorized.  A marshal will 
> be
> restricted by the system to only be able to check off on the stuff for 
> which
> they are approved.  IE, a chiv only marshal can't check off a rapier or
> archery authorization.
> The fighter will now get an email back saying, "You are authorized.  Go
> print off your card."
> The fighter will be able to download a document, probably a PDF, of their
> fighter card.  They will be able to retrieve it any time while they are
> still authorized.  If they wash it or their dog eats it, they can go print
> another.  The kingdom saves hundreds of dollars a year on printing and
> mailing cards to everyone.
> We'll be combining this with SCA membership expiration date cards, so
> warranted marshals will have membership driven expiration on their 
> warrants
> that are shown in the system.
> Should be pretty cool.  As soon as I have a few more folks on here, I'll 
> be
> posting a link for everyone to go try it out, "get authorized" and so on.
> The print function isn't working.  But I want to get feedback on the
> bare-bones of the system.
> Morgan
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