ARN - from Kazimir, what does it take?

Dean, Jenice A. JENICE.A.DEAN at
Wed Apr 14 12:24:00 PDT 1999

> Okay!  What does it take to get you folks talking?
** Money wouldn't hurt

> The "WHAT"S WIT DAT?" approach:  I have posed several questions on here
> in attempts to get some opinions and suggestions.  All I'm getting is
> crickets!
** Learn to make the best out of a bad situation. Cover the crickets with

> The LOGICAL APPEAL:  This is your opportunity in a forum MUCH smaller
> than rapier net to get your opinion right to the folks who are making
> the policies for Ansteorra.  Take advantage of it.
** But it is some much easier to talk to you Isobel and Leonardo during
fighter practice. (aren't you all the ones shaping our future ;-)

> The GUT-LEVEL approach:  Right now there really aren't that many of the
> tight-a$$ed Dons on this net..., here's your chance to complain about
> what's wrong with fencing in Ansteorra.
** What's wrong with Dons with tight firm a$$es?

> SNEAKY:  That idiot-Kingdom Rapier Marshal is known for his failure to
> act on e-mail.  We can proposed suggestions and agree to them then let
> him know what WE have decided.
** Not while he is holding the ROD of Power!!!!

> EMOTIONAL APPEAL:  This is your fencing community, it behooves you to
> become involved.  Leaders rise from the masses.  You could spearhead the
> next wave in Ansteorra.  Go for it!  Hold forth!
** But it soo much more fun pushing from the back and your less likely to
get speared first.

> BELOW THE BELT:  What?  Are the words we're using too big for you all!
** Tooo Easy

> ADOLESCENT:  Oh yeah!??!
*** Yea!??!

> I could go on...., please stop me!  Post something!!!!
** So any one know how to make a buckler?

> Kazimir Petrovich Pomeshanov
Amerinda Di Praga ( fighter practice isn't till tomorrow maybe he'll forget
this post by then)

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