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Wed Apr 14 13:02:00 PDT 1999

Greetings Robert,

>Actually I have something to discuss.  The double wide epees.  I'm
>to think that they should be added to the schlaeger lists.  I have had
>several complaints among my people of minor bruising and such from the
>double wides.  Anyone have an opinion?

Hurm... I've also seen, and felt, the results of an improperly used double
wide, and I'll admit it isn't fun. I don't think the solution lies with
adding to the schlager list though...

I've been bruised and injured worse with a #5 epee than I ever have with
schlager. However, it's not the weapon that is generally revealed to be
unsafe so much as the fighter that wields it. That is not to say, however,
that minor bruising is an indication of overly hard calibration or an
unsafe fighter. In the end, what we do _is_ combat and a few minor bruises
come with the territory.

I'd suggest you check the fighters that are dishing the bruises. How do
they hit with a #5? A foil? I'd also consider the source of the complaints.
Just how fragile are they? Some of our fighters bruise if you look at them
too hard others you couldn't mark if you used a 2x4. Take things on a case
by case basis and use your best judgment.


Lord Elyas MacCrae
Cadet to Don Robert Michael McFarlan (called Horoun)
Rapier Marshal of the Barony of the Stargate

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