ARN - Re: Double wide vs. Schlager

Brent & Susan Rachel hbrache at
Wed Apr 14 13:49:02 PDT 1999

Elyas is right on the money with:

>  However, it's not the weapon that is generally revealed to be
> unsafe so much as the fighter that wields it. That is not to say, however,
> that minor bruising is an indication of overly hard calibration or an
> unsafe fighter. In the end, what we do _is_ combat and a few minor bruises
> come with the territory.

I agree with Elyas and Amerinda, that this is combat, so you should expect some

However, the standard blow in this kingdom is one that is of sufficient force to
put a 2 inch bend in a #5 FOIL!!  That's about 4 pounds.  That is NOT MUCH.  If
you are getting consistent bends in excess of 2-3 inches in an epee, then you
are technically hitting a bit too hard.  If it is such a bend in a double-wide,
then you are hitting WAY TOO HARD.

All of the above are people problems, not weapons problems.  Talk to your
people.  Lower your calibration.

Kazimir Petrovich

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