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Thu Apr 15 11:14:19 PDT 1999

Greetings again Your Excellency,

>I would add that there is another level of regard for one's bruises
>this among "stick jocks". There are those who feel that when you reach the
>where your skin is slow to bruise (presumably because the surface
>have been destroyed by repeated beatings), then *that* is *true*

No... I'd say that that passes "non-wimpiness" and borders on "cave-man"...
In my years of being pummeled, both on and off the list feild, I never
developed habit of taking pride in my injuries. I can see how, on a primal
level, it might lead one to think: Man.. I'm am one tough S.O.B., but I
can't see believing it. Though I must admit, it is somewhat gratifying to
have someone ask:
"doesn't that hurt (refferencing an existing bruise)?"
And being able to honestly answer:
"Nahh... I've had worse."
I think that's as close to primal chest thumping as I get...

>Now, I can *see* being proud of reaching a point in your training where
>seldom get hit, or where you learn to give with the blow.

Now _that_ is something to be proud of! I'm not proud of my bruises (and
there are quite a few after last nights practice at Mouses), each one is a
visual reminder of a missed parry or a blow timing move. They serve as a
"road map" to where the holes in my defenses are and where I need to
tighten things up. I have moments (as I mentioned above) of being proud
that they don't leave me whimpering like a school girl and that I can "take
the pain" *chuckle* but each one, in the end, is proof of a mistake.

>However, I'm not sure I understand being either proud of having humongous
>bruises, or being proud that you have destroyed your body's ability to

As I said, it's not being bruised that I'm proud of, it's being "tough
enough to take it". (Damn, that just makes me giggle... true though)

>Hmmm... I feel like I'm swimming in dark waters here. I think I might be
>to a revelation regarding the cultural difference about the regard for
>between the rapier and "heavy" crowds. But I *also* have the sneaking
>that I'm dangerously close to somebody's sacred cow. :-)

Gasp! Wait... Do you mean to tell me that the two communities might
actually have common ground? No! Say it aint so... *grin* I think that the
main difference, other than the difference in weapons (which I've
previously stated shouldn't matter), is that it's a lot easier to be a
"fencer" when you're using a foil than when you're using rattan. Hence, we
get more... "fencers" than we do Swordsman. However, please never forget,
we're not _all_ "fencers"...

>Elyas, my friend, I implore you! Save me from this dangerous and heretical
>of reasoning! ;-)

Consider yourself saved you Excellency... well... kinda' *grin*

Lord Elyas MacCrae
Cadet to Don Rober Michael McFarlan (called Horoun)
Rapier Marshal to the Barony of the Stargate

PS : Back away from the cow and no one gets poked...

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