ARN - Double wides

Bart Dversdall bartd at
Thu Apr 15 16:16:10 PDT 1999

"Gail P. Taylor" wrote:

> You can have even MORE fun if your Don routinely has changed his name every few
> years.  Was Donovan ever named anything intriguing and D&Desque?  These names are
> usually the best to play with....
> Isobel
> Cadet to Don Kazimir, Jaspe...ack!

I do remember a name what our former household would call was nep...  Oh
I can't, i'm going to get a huge beating as it is when he gets home......PLEASE DON"T
BEAT ME !!!!!!!!  Wait a minute why should I worry?  He can't touch me.....*LOL*

Ld Matthias

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