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Fri Apr 16 08:53:14 PDT 1999

I want to know exactly what it takes to become a cadet??? I've been fighting for a few years now, and even done my share of Don hunting, yet I will not do politics. Is being a cadet or Don a political position or is it about rewarding dedication to the art of fencing. There are not many in my shire who even light fight. Once I even had the chance to be Rapier Marshall for my shire, but unfortunately real life and lack of funds cut me short. As I see it if an entire shire is willing to accept me as a marshall, what's keeping the dons from noticing dedication and drive??? there is a lot about the sca that is really getting my goat lately I've been playing for 7 years and have yet to recieve even recognition for my service to the dream. Due to this political Bulls@#$ I had to pull away from playing so that I could calm myself, when did sca political wars spill into mundane life??? and why was I, a nobody without even an AoA involved, or more correctly how did it happen???
So what does it take to receive recognition in this dream??? My love is for fencing, not politics.

On Wed, 14 Apr 1999 14:14:18   Brent & Susan Rachel wrote:
>Okay!  What does it take to get you folks talking?
>The "WHAT"S WIT DAT?" approach:  I have posed several questions on here
>in attempts to get some opinions and suggestions.  All I'm getting is
>The LOGICAL APPEAL:  This is your opportunity in a forum MUCH smaller
>than rapier net to get your opinion right to the folks who are making
>the policies for Ansteorra.  Take advantage of it.
>The GUT-LEVEL approach:  Right now there really aren't that many of the
>tight-a$$ed Dons on this net..., here's your chance to complain about
>what's wrong with fencing in Ansteorra.
>SNEAKY:  That idiot-Kingdom Rapier Marshal is known for his failure to
>act on e-mail.  We can proposed suggestions and agree to them then let
>him know what WE have decided.
>EMOTIONAL APPEAL:  This is your fencing community, it behooves you to
>become involved.  Leaders rise from the masses.  You could spearhead the
>next wave in Ansteorra.  Go for it!  Hold forth!
>BELOW THE BELT:  What?  Are the words we're using too big for you all!
>ADOLESCENT:  Oh yeah!??!
>I could go on...., please stop me!  Post something!!!!
>Kazimir Petrovich Pomeshanov
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