ARN - from Kazimir, what does it take?

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Fri Apr 16 11:15:54 PDT 1999

I know that my message seems contradictory in presentation, but many times I have been looked down upon by others (these friends you mentioned)because I lack any recognition. It's not the standing I am interested in but, maybe just maybe it would be nice just once to have someone besides myself believe in me...
I guess that is my main malfunction, as much as I enjoy fighting, I have no one to believe in me. It's kind of a morale know?
I mean I know my wife loves me, and being a part of our relationship is all that I need but sometimes it just feels good to hear her say it... you know what I mean???

On Fri, 16 Apr 1999 11:11:33   Robert Kern wrote:
>In reply to your question about being a cadet, is it really that important.
>I have been active in the SCA for twenty years.  I have marshalled heavy and
>light in several kingdoms, started the group in the Netherlands, am
>currently a marshall, and I do not even have an AOA.  This is because I
>simply don't want one.  I politely turn down such awards, everything from a
>baronnial coronet to a peerage.  I am here for the fun, and the people.  Not
>I'm not busting anyone who enjoys that.  I'm simply saying that it is not
>necessary to enjoying going to events and having the time of your life.
>Someone in the stronghold here asked me why I always turn those down and
>never fought in a crown or coronet tourney.  My answer was that I am always
>surrounded by a crowd at an event.  But they are not an entourage, they are
>my friends.  Not because what they can get out of me, but because they like
>hanging around me.
>I'm sure anyone that has ever worn a crown, or held a peerage will know what
>I am talking about.  Some people enjoy that.  You say that you don't like
>politics, I sure don't.
>Everyone enjoys different things and have fun at what you do enjoy.  The
>main thing I have to say is: why do you have that dedication and drive?
>Because you enjoy it, or you want something out of it?  Maybe you should
>just enjoy the fencing and comraderie in one of the most wonderful
>organizations ever created.
>Robert Wolfe
>Marshall of Falconridge
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