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Sat Apr 17 06:23:15 PDT 1999

Thank you for your insight. I had not considered many things and perhaps maybe someday I may find exactly that kind of relationship. I had never really seen it in that light until these posts.

On Fri, 16 Apr 1999 23:24:33   Tim Goins wrote:
>I want to know exactly what it takes to become a cadet??? 
>"daemon strong"
>Milord, I'm a 15 or 16 year member. I discovered Rapier about 6? or 7 ?years ago (when Galen
>Niccoli was a cadet! Gee how long ago WAS that?) and I decided it was too much fun to pass up.  I
>never thought about being a Don for the first 3 or 4 years. I was simply there to enjoy the play
>and the friendships.  Later my best friend became a Don. The goal seemed a worthwhile one and
>possibly attainable. I did not go to him seeking to be a cadet. He couldn't teach me what I needed
>to know.  He DID teach me many things and set an example. But I waited until I later found a man I
>respected both for his skill and his personality.  This Don was also something my friend wasn't. 
>He was tall, just like me.  This man could teach me to play using my size because he knew it, it's
>strengths and it's weaknesses.  This may not be important to everyone but I needed it.  I built a
>friendship with him and his family.  Later I approached the subject of becoming his cadet.  He was
>honest and forthright and asked me some questions that I hadn't asked myself: Why did I want to be
>a Don? What did I want from the relationship? Would I see it thru?  He  and I took some time to
>consider the pros and cons before saying yes.  We cemented the bonds before friends and family as
>his Lady and mine placed the red scarf on my shoulder.  I may not be any closer to becoming a Don,
>but I have become a better swordsman, duellist, teammate, gentleman and friend.  All this boils
>down to this one thing: Do not rush into a scarf for the wrong reasons or at the wrong time.  In
>time I hope you will find the right person to be both the teacher and friend that you need.  But
>for now concentrate on having fun every time you pick up the rapier.  Our rule is "if you're not
>having fun, get off the field."
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