ARN - from Kazimir, what does it take?

Robert Kern Wolfe at
Sat Apr 17 06:24:47 PDT 1999

>where is this festival of Japan?? I would be most happy to meet you, and
thanks for openness sometimes we need someone to point out the obvious to
set things in perspective. where are you located at?? perhaps I could get
some time off and come visit.
>thanks again.

Festival of Japan is in Wichita Falls, Texas the weekend of the 23-25th of
this month.  The add for it is in the Blackstar.  Lord Fafnir and Lady Etain
are the event stewards and can be contacted at: cbbike at .  That is
also in the Blackstar.

I am at Falconridge (Altus Oklahoma) which is just on the Texas border.  My
email address is:  wolfe at .
My ICQ# is 35843571 .

Since I have been on crutches I have been bored stiff, so the offer to email
or chat with me goes to ANYONE!    LOL.

D, feel free to drop me a line, no problem.

Robert Wolfe

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