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Sun Aug 1 10:49:39 PDT 1999

Goals, eh?

I think that the answer lies closer to what Larken suggested..., personally.

Take my Order, for example:  There seems to be a feeling that because the Dons
haven't "done" anything as a group lately, that we as an Order have been inactive,
that we have dropped the ball.., lost the spirit..., have become lethargic.., lost
our love for Queen and country.  However, allow me to paraphrase Dore's response to a
similar question on another list by stating that we have, individually, and in groups
of 2-6 in the last 5 years:  overseen the extension of the WS treaty to other
Kingdoms, participated in the re-write of our own rules, the new Corporate rules, and
fights to keep those new corporate rules from screwing up our own rules.  We have
spearheaded Del Tin experimentation, lead Ansteorra to consistent victories over
Trimaris, acquitted our King outstandingly at meetings at Pensic and Gulfwars,
written about rapier combat (adding to the largest body of rapier-related writings in
the Known world).  We hold a preponderance of offices in the Kingdom, and are active
in virtually every other aspect of leadership in the SCA.

Yet, we do not act as an Order very much.

What all of the above have in common is that they were efforts born of motivation
shared by individuals or similar-thinking groups..., and that they all have one goal
in mind, to improve the lot of rapier and those who practice it..., and the
betterment of the entire SCA.

The reason why a "Unified Goals Set" does not work, is because none of us can agree
on HOW to formulate such goals.  We just know that there are "things" that we'd like
to see done..., so we do them.  Waiting to contrive a list of goals will require
consensus to a degree that is impractical, if not impossible.  Too many folks are
already sitting on their hands waiting for this consensus, waiting for some order, or
some household, or some group of associates to tell them which direction we should be
heading in..., when the truth is that the only way you are ever gonna find your own
direction is simply.., to.., start.., walking.

When asked recently by a dear friend what I saw when I look at the rapier community,
I replied that most of what I saw was a lot of folks whining about lack of
leadership, and virtually nobody saying, "&^%# this, I'm gonna do .....,"  That is
where leadership is born.  You start doing what you believe in, and next thing you
know people are looking at you asking if they can help. Next thing, you have a real
grassroots movement, and before you know it you've really made a difference..., all
by just doing what you wanted, and having fun!

Leadership is not developed by subverting what you truly feel, or refusing to take
stands because doing so might potentially prolong your journey to a White Scarf.
Getting that WS will NOT make you a leader.  Either you are a leader, or you aren't.
If you are a leader, then LEAD!  If you have ideas, DO THEM!  If all you want is a

So.., about that goal....

Develop yourself as fully as possible mentally, physical, emotionally,
philosophically, and politically.  Learn all you can from everyone you meet, and
share what you can with all who care to partake.  Stand up for what is right, and
oppose all that is unfair, inequitable, or mean-spirited.  Keep joy in your heart;
Fight the good fight; and be true to your self. Dig it.

Do all of those and you will make yourself, your local group, your family, your
region, your Kingdom, rapier, and the SCA a better place.  Far better than any
petition or formal statement of goals.

Kazimir Petrovich Pomeshanov

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