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R. Smith superboy at
Tue Aug 10 13:47:53 PDT 1999

Disclaimer:  I have only been fighting for 4-6 months; ATYC was my first
(and only, to date) tournament.

>If an opponents weapon is longer than yours, do you consider this to be an


>Do you see it as just a **regular old** advantage like a sabre bell?
>Do you see it as **just another difference** between weapons, each weapon
having it's own
>inherent advantages *and* disadvantages?

In short...yes. :)  There are so many things that go into the usability of a
sword, and it's so personal, that it's hard to get worked up over what the
other person has, at least within reason.

>Is a 40" weapon in the hands of a short person and advantage over a 35" in
the hands of a
>tall man?

As a relatively short person, I don't feel any real desire for a 40" anyway.
I am having to learn a style that keeps me out of range until I am ready to
make it count.  Would an extra 2-5" of blade help me?  I don't think so...
my goal isn't to be able to make those shots from outside, because that's
just not likely with any blade, not with these arms.  I'd rather the tiniest
tip not be the difference, for me, between a good blow and a thrust too
short.  Probably now it is more often than I care to admit, but I'm
learning. :)

>Will Sandy find out that her mother is secretly dating Dr. Jorden, the very
doctor who
>just gave her husband a vascectomy?

With a 40" blade?  OUCH.

Tighearnach mac Morgain
Shire of Mooneschadowe

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