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>>Boy, the goals thing sure died fast, didn't it.  I guess Ansgar and I just
>>said all there was to say. ;-)

Goals?  We are supposed to have goals?  OK....  on the field, mine is to get
the pointy end of my epee into the other guy while at the same time not
letting him do the reverse. All the while having fun.  ;-) 

>>If an opponents weapon is longer than yours, do you consider this to be an
>>**UNFAIR** advantage?

Hmmm...  unfair?   Assuming that everyone knows that it is a different
length than *standard*, it then falls to the level of your opponent to
determine fairness. I say different than *standard* because I have faced
opponents with shorter than standard blades.  I would have to say that it
depends on the experience of your opponent to determine the *fairness* of
using a non standard blade.  The more experienced your opponent the less
unfair an advantage.  It might be more correct to say the less the
difference in levels of experience the less unfair.  Everyone has different
advantages and disadvantages which are all part of the game.  It would be
unfair to introduce additional disadvantages with a less experienced fighter
who would as a result be less able to accommodate for the change.  

>>Do you see it as just a **regular old** advantage like a sabre bell?

No, guards tend to vary a great deal while blade lengths do not. This means
that a less experienced fighter will most likely have already faced a wide
range of guards. In addition, a guard only tends to change the dimensions of
a small target area while the length of a blade effects range which is a lot
more important.

>>Is a 40" weapon in the hands of a short person and advantage over a 35" in
>>the hands of a tall man?

The same information above applies.  A persons height would not change my
opinion as height is one of those things that can not be changed readily
;-) and is all a part of the game.

I have fought and lost to opponents with non standard blade lengths.  I
fact, if I recall correctly, I have always lost to an opponent who was using
a non standard blade.  Then again I tend to lose to a lot of fighters with
standard length blades.  I have not fought enough opponents with nonstandard
blades to determine if it is a crucial factor in the bout.  But then again
if I fight enough opponents with non standard blades then I will learn to
defend against them.  

Lady Amerinda	di Praga

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