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Miriam Cook miriz at
Tue Aug 10 14:45:53 PDT 1999

But I *like* lurking!! I'm learning from those that are
better than I am.
Oh, okay... I'll make an addition from the little I know.
(I've only fought in 2 tournies, a newbie list at Eldern
XX and Northkeep's Ensign)
I belive that fighting with odd size weapons can have
advantages, but also can have disadvantages.  For example,
with a longer blade the extra reach is there- that 3"
added to the end of a lunge may be the difference that
just gets the tip in (as I sit here doing the motions!).
But on the flip side, if the opponent does manage to get
inside and lock you up, it may be harder to get the blade
free to re-engage.  So in a way it evens out. This is just
a theory- at this point all other blades seem to have the
advantage over me. 
--Zahava batHannah
Student to Lucan Silverwolf, who is Student to Ld.Yoshiie
Hakumori- Cadet to Don ?Navar? (I think, maybe?)

> Boy, the goals thing sure died fast, didn't it.  I guess
Ansgar and I just said all there
> was to say. ;-)
> Here a new one for you.., ND I WANT MAXIMUM
> If an opponents weapon is longer than yours, do you
consider this to be an **UNFAIR**
> advantage?
> Do you see it as just a **regular old** advantage like a
sabre bell?
> Do you see it as **just another difference** between
weapons, each weapon having it's own
> inherent advantages *and* disadvantages?
> Is a 40" weapon in the hands of a short person and
advantage over a 35" in the hands of a
> tall man?
> Will Sandy find out that her mother is secretly dating
Dr. Jorden, the very doctor who
> just gave her husband a vascectomy?
> Kazimir Petrovich
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