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Russell Husted husted at
Wed Aug 25 07:44:31 PDT 1999

 > Currently we are debating between the bodysuit type thing warn under your 
clothing that gives you versatility in what you wear to fight in or the 
leather vest on the outside<

I also wear an under-armor. Mine looks like a "T"shirt.It protects my arms 
down to the elbow and covers my groin as well. Complete torso coverage.

1.  I can wear any garb that fits the rules on top of it. I usually fight in 
pants and a shirt, not exciting, but we are to faight as if we are in pants 
and a shirt, so why not. I can also get fancy if Iwant, or dramatic. As I 
walk out onto the field, I can remove my doublet....ham it up/ although I am 
a lousy ham.
2.  It absorbs my sweat keeping me relatively cool in the summer and 
insulates me, keeping me warm in the winter.
3.  Easy to wash.
4.  Cheap to replace
5.  Can be made quickly and easily
6.  Loose and comfortable.
7.  No need for extra pads to cover the underarm.

1.  It comes off slowly. I armor up, and stay armored up until I am done.
2.  It does not fit snuggly, like the dublets people wear, so I must be 
careful on shots the miss, but get caught in fabric.

Although my armor is nothing gorgous to look at, it works well, and keeps me 


ps. please do not take anything as an offence. No offences were intended.

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