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	I could not open your letter concerning this matter. A little too
much glue I think. So I felt I would send a copy of the message a spy of
mine sent. My apologies if mine was the only sealed copy.

Having said that. What mischief do you think we can inspire?


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> Subject:	RN- Siege of the Mission XI (Corpus Christi, TX)
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> Unto the Rapier fighters of Ansteorra and neighboring Kingdoms,
> The Mission near Seawinds (Corpus Christi) is beset by villains and
> ruffians
> of the worse sort.  They prowl the woods and trails, threatening the
> honest
> men and virtuous women of Seawinds.  (Please allow me some literary
> license.)
> They may even invade the cloistered area of our haven.
> Heroes of the best sort are requested to come to our aid on the weekend of
> January 23rd. We must prevail!  (We also need a few derelict ruffians.
> Are
> you there "Mouse"?)
> As the host Rapier Marshal, I walked the site on Monday last.  The trails,
> the
> steps and the cobbled patio are in fine form.  I had hoped to add another
> venue near the river; however, the floods of last year have left debris
> hanging in the trees.
> A fine Tripplette flexi-dagger has been ordered as a prize for the Rapier
> fighter demonstrating the greatest prowess AND chivalry.
> The soothsayers of the weather say "sooth", and the current forecast is
> for
> lovely weather.  (Check the latest on the 'Net, city: KVCT).
> If you have questions about our event, please respond to me directly or to
> Lord Wayland at "LdWayland at".  I will be on a business trip January
> 14-20, but will check my messages immediately upon my return.  See the
> December XXXIII Black Star, also.  The nearest inn (less than a mile) is
> Budget Inn, 512-645-3251.
> Last year, Honors went to a "newbie" fighter from La Marche Sauvage, and
> to a
> lady from Meridies.  Special Honor went to Lady Abigail le Gray, Cadet to
> Don
> Navarre. 
> In Service to the Dream and to Ansteorra,
> Ld. Diego de Valor
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