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J Harvey Davis gerlach at
Thu Jan 14 13:43:38 PST 1999

Hey Kaz, would you like non-Ansteorran input also? 

Gerlach Wiesengrund

At 07:40 AM 1/14/1999 -0600, you wrote:
>I am formulating a weapon and secondaries inspection checklist.  I want
>to mine the gold of experience we have here.  Therefore:
>Describe to me step by step how YOU inspect a foil/epee, schlager,
>flexidagger, etc.
>As above for bucklers, cloaks, canes, scabbards, etc.
>What do you look for?
>What "get by for one tournament" fixes do you most often suggest
>(besides the omni-present duct tape).
>Please volunteer any other info along these lines you might need to
>And thank you ALL for helping me out.
>Kazimir Petrovich Pomeshanov
>Rapier Marshal
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