ARN - Unmatched pairs #2

Gail Taylor gtaylor at
Mon Jan 25 14:59:49 PST 1999's the second installment on unmatched pairs.  Rapier and
Dagger vs rapier and buckler.  Attacking with rapier/dagger and
attacking with buckler/rapier will be posted separately.

Here are some of the things that I've seen so far for attacking a person
with a buckler, using a rapier and dagger.  Are there any others that
work very well?

Attacking with Rapier/dagger - 
1.  Get the opponents long blade out of the way with your long blade,
and hit an open spot, where the buckler isn't, with the dagger.  
2.  Get the opponents long blade out of the way with your dagger, and
hit with the long blade.  Care must be taken to try to avoid the
buckler...automatic shots will go right into the buckler of experienced
buckler people.
3.  Do nifty up to down, or down to up, disengage around buckler.
4.  Fake attack high or low to pull the buckler out of place, then hit
where it was.
5.  Hold your blade really really low, so that they have to lower their
buckler to see it.  Attack their head if they lower it too far...or
upwards to their body if they don't....

Defending against the buckler- 
1.  Try to keep your long blade from being controlled by the buckler,
while you are too far away to strike with the dagger.  
2.  Certainly don't let both blades be pushed over one another.
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