ARN - Cadets in Court (was cadets in space)

Ozymandias ozy at
Wed Jun 2 10:17:42 PDT 1999

Honorable Toshiro-San,
I believe that the Centurions stand for the Prince, which (I feel) had
something to do with this debate i.e. "who should stand for the Princess?".


> Same way we have Queen's Champion? A tourney could be held two weeks
> Crown Tourney for a Princess's Champion. But I think only cadets and 
> unscarves should participate in this tourney.
> I'm for it. But we should go through proper channels to get it passed.
> Does the Prince have anyone stand behind him? Squires, unbelted fighters?
> not, maybe someone should suggest it to them.
> Toshiro Koi
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