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Ledonna tavy at
Wed Jun 2 19:58:45 PDT 1999

I believe that there is a King's Blade of Honor.  It carries no award
just like the Queen's Blade.

Marcus Hite wrote:
> Greetings,
> There has been a little talk on the matter of Kingdom rapier awards, and/or the lack
> of.  Below is  the short list that I have been able to think up.  listed with the award
> is the Heavy equal,  and award level.  If I have missed any awards  I am very sorry and
> could someone please post the missing awards I haven't listed.
> RAPIER                            HEAVY               AWARD LEVEL
> (no equal)                            Knight                   (Peerage)
> Order of the WS                  Centurions            (Grant level)
> Queen's Rapier                     Sable Falcon        (doesn't convey right of arms,
> Kingdom Honor)
> Queen's blade of honor         (????)                   (Queen's favor, for honorable
> combat)
> Queen's Champion                King's Champion  (not awards,  offices of service IMHO)
> Cadet                                   Squire                   (NOT an  award,
> teacher/student agreement)
> Of course there are still all the Baronial and local fighting awards, but that is all
> the kingdom level fighting awards that I can come up with.  I am not saying that that is
> all the award,  but that's all I find in my notes, sorry if I left out any.
> There is a web page off the Ansteorra home page
> which list Ansteorra kingdom of awards.
> May we meet on the field as friends,
> Marquet de la Heyt
> Student to Don Donovan
> Shire of Adlersruhe, Ansteorra
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