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Brent & Susan Rachel hbrache at
Wed Jun 2 20:05:37 PDT 1999

There is a King's Blade of (Chivalry ?) that is the equivalent of the Queen's blade of

Which brings me to an informal poll:

How many of you were aware that the Queen's Blade of Honor is NOT just for accomplishments
at the Queen's Champion Tournament, but was originally envisioned as being given to those
who consistently (at many tournaments and events, on and off the field) behave in an
honorable and chivalrous manner?

Well, now you know..., so keep your eyeballs peeled in the weekends leading up to Queen's..,
and cast your memories back, as well..., to remember those who impress you with their
gentility and grace, and bring their stories (and your recommendations) to the attention of
Her Majesty at her up-coming Tournament.

Kazimir Petrovich

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