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Wed Jun 2 13:09:42 PDT 1999


 I think it is a wonderful idea to have the cadets to stand behind the
Princess,  for a few reasons:

The Princess does not have to worry about finding someone to stand behind her
Cadets tent to dress nicely
Cadets know how to behave in court
The Cadet bought the "cadet" sword to be used for this purpose
Number one reason:  the Princess has requested this!

It is my understanding that the current Princess's wishes for a cadet to stand
behind her in court.  This is her choice,  the Princess does not have a
defender. This is not written into Kingdom law, and the next princess may or may
not do the same thing.   I believe that the princess may have anyone she wishes
to stand behind her in court.

NOTE:  Standing behind anyone in court, is sometimes long and painful.  The
cadets are a large enough group that they can change out during court so that no
one has to stand behind the princess the entire court.  It is an honor to
proctect anyone in court; however, you don't get cookies for this service,  you
just get to stand there and try to look pretty.

IMHO it would be silly to have a defender for the Princess, due to the fact that
the said defender would be defender for less that 3 months, and due to the fact
that TRH have much to do in the 3 months before they take the crown, they don't
need two tourneys to host (one for prince, and one for princess).

May we meet on the field as friends,
Marquet de la Heyt
Student to Don Donovan

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