ARN - Princess's blade and the cadets

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For what it's worth, I don't like the idea of making the Queen's Champion
tourney for Dons only.  That is like saying they are the only ones worthy.
I have never held a belt, but when I fought heavy in Calontir, I was Queen's
Champion there several times.

Are the wearers of belts and scarves the only who may stand in the name of
honor?  I don't think so.

Don't misunderstand, this may sound like I'm angry... I'm not.  I just
wanted to point this out.

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> I personal like the idea of a artisan of duello.  And as a former
> cadet,  I think that the princess has a member of our ranks to stand
> behind her in court to show that her honor and well being is protected
> by our legions.  But the contest for said right should be open to all
> fighters of our art.  Being that if the Dons are not allowed to fight
> for the honor. It would be within their rights to request that the
> Queen's Champion become a scarf combat only.  And the red is only a sign
> that a Don has taken a fighter under his wing for special training.  It
> has no rank.  And I for one would agree that it should not have any.
> Although I for one would like to see awards for the art of duello
> created like the ones that the heavy fighters have.  And why not have
> the White scarfs made into a peerage.
>                                                                Richard
> E. Quartermain.
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