ARN - Princess's blade

Larkin O'Kane [AKA Charlie Cain] larkin at
Wed Jun 2 21:58:17 PDT 1999

I think that any action that presents cadets as a group is wrong.  It tends to 
make "cadet" as an office, a cookie, a stepping stone instead of a 
commitment of two persons to each other in a mutually beneficial 


On 2 Jun 99, at 9:26, Brent & Susan Rachel wrote:

> "Dean, Jenice A." wrote:
> > Some of the cadets in Ansteorra presented a lovely new blade (ok so I
> > didn't actually see it but how can a new blade be other than lovely) to
> > the Princess.  To my understanding it will be held behind the Princess
> > by a cadet during court.
> What do you folks out there think of the whole idea of the cadets doing
> this? Should they have..., shouldn't they have?  What are your thoughts?
> Kazimir Petrovich
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