ARN - Cadets in Court (was cadets in space)

Ozymandias ozy at
Wed Jun 2 07:56:54 PDT 1999

I am definitely for it. They make set dressing! Snappy enthusiastic
dressers from what I have seen thus far. They set a great example and
really help to create "moments" for me and I am sure for others. Also, I
feel the rapier community as a whole could use some image bolstering in the
eyes of the Kingdom as a whole, making as many of their (your) faces known
as possible in a positive light to the  populace in a positive manner could
do nothing but good in my most humble opinion.

Herr Erazmus Totengraber 
Junker des Ritter Maximillian 
Feldartz, "Keine Ruhe fur die Bosen" Fahnlein
Bonwicke, Ansteorra

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