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Herr Erazmus wrote:
> I am definitely for it. They make set dressing! Snappy enthusiastic
> dressers from what I have seen thus far. They set a great example and
> really help to create "moments" for me and I am sure for 
> others. 
[further words of support snipped]

Thank you for the comments, but I think the gist of the question was not so
much aimed at having somebody, such as members of the rapier community,
holding the sword and flags in court, as much as a question of having the
CADETS be a recognized group (instead of other members of the community)
performing those duties. I wasn't sure if your response was positive towards
only cadets doing this, or for any member of the rapier community.

As for me, if the cadets wish to be seen and/or known as a cohesive group
and pool together resources to buy swords and banners and want to hold them
in court, with Royal permission, I see no real problem with it. There is
always the possibility that the perception that Cadet is some kind of rank
may become more prevalent because of such actions and by such actions being
sanctioned by Royal support. If that is what would be preferred then I would
suggest that the Crown give Dons (and Peerage members, for that matter) the
ability to grant an AoA-level award titled Cadet (or Squire, or Apprentice).
Can't say that I'm all for that. Perhaps the Crown should consider AoA level
awards and recipients of those awards could be granted rights for standing
in court? Of course some people who are Cadets did pool their resources to
buy a sword for the Princess for them to guard her with, so I'm not so sure
yanking it from them is the best idea either. Then again, if the sword was
bought for the Princess, I think it would be her right to decide who gets to
hold it in her protection. (Hmm... a Princesses Champion tourney for those
who are not members of the Order of the White Scarf? Or at least someone she
chooses to be her Champion)

Enough of my rambling.

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