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Thu Jun 3 08:45:52 PDT 1999

Greetings Lenny.

WONDERFUL question.  I remember not being scarfed. (not that long ago)  To 
me, it was a time of fun and learning. (I didn't want to be an example.)  I 
didn't even know what a red scarf meant.   Later, I thought it meant "I have 
a force field, you can't hit me":)
Then came the thought it means "someone sees something in you"  I was asked 
as a complete shock to accept one.  I didnt know I was being watched.

Now over 2 years later...I dont treat scarfed or unscarfed any different.  
If a question is asked, I answer.  If I don't know the answer, I'll stear 
them in the right direction.  It shouldn't make any difference if 
scarfed/belted or not.  As in Braveheart is said "men don't follow titles, 
they follow leaders"(or something like that) :)

I will do what I can for those who ask (physical restriction do apply)
Or if seen they need help.
It doesn't matter who they are......they need help.
(opinion)Remember that.

Once again rambling on

Ld James

>This makes me wonder further about a question I have not seen asked yet. So
>far we've seen what a red scarf, or being a cadet, means to people. We have
>also seen the question asked in many venues what the White Scarf means. I
>don't think I have yet seen asked what being unscarved means. If you do not
>have a scarf, what dos it mean to not have a scarf (or, extend that to
>belt/whatever-symbol-of-relationship-you-wish). If you have a scarf (red or
>white), how do you view those who do not have scarves?
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>PC/LAN Admin
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