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Thu Jun 3 08:43:23 PDT 1999

(Amerinda will now plunge the dagger into her heart)

Lionardo queried:
(some snipage)

> If you do not have a scarf, what dos it mean to not have a scarf (or,
> extend that to belt/whatever-symbol-of-relationship-you-wish). If you have
> a scarf (red or white), how do you view those who do not have scarves?

	OK, I have mulled this question over a ton.  I have listen to
other's opinions on what it means to be a cadet and how they are viewed in
the rapier community.  I have thought about how I view cadets.  I have
thought about how I view myself.  Some are better dressed, some have better
court manners, some are more knowledgeable of fighting techniques, some want
to win more, practice harder, help more, some are better leaders, some are
better teachers and most are better fighters.  
	But then again some are not any of these things. Some seem only to
have a red scarf. There are only a small number of cadets who I know whom
their Dons are. I often wonder how much the cadets in general interact with
their Dons.

	I know non scarves who exhibit every quality normally attributed to
red scarves only lacking the formal public Don relationship.  I myself hope
I am seen to have these qualities. Unfortunately, as of late I have heard
more and more which leads me to believe that if you do not have a red scarf,
then you are not seen as dedicated to the rapier community or of have these

	Some say that cadets are accountable to their Dons for their actions
and therefore less like to do something wrong, I conquered myself
accountable to myself, my friends, the rapier community and my kingdom. And
I would hope that all three would help...umm... reprimand me if I did
something wrong or needed direction.

	If you consider one who has a formal public relationship with a Don
a cadet, then I am not a cadet, but if you consider one who has (or strives
to) the dedication and qualities associated with a cadet a cadet, them I am
a cadet without a Don.

	Do we really need to come up with a classification to account for
those who do not have a formal public relationship with a Don in order to
keep from seeing them as somehow less because they are not cadets?  And
would we have less cadets if there was?

Amerinda di Praga
Non-scarf of Ansteorra
Barony of Bjornsborg

(ok Lionardo so I can be wordy too)
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