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Miriam Cook miriz at
Thu Jun 3 09:19:18 PDT 1999

I am a newbie fighter who has not yet even
gotten my authorization (hopefully this weekend
though).  What does not holding a scarf mean to
me? It means that I am not ready for the
responsiblity that comes with a scarf of any
color.  Nor do I have the experience needed
(yet!) to have the honor of a scarf bestowed on
me.  Both Red scarves and White scarves
represent a goal that *can* be achieved, a level
to aspire to.  

Okay, my 2 cents on the idea of a Cadet
"community"...  The Cadets wear a mark of
distinguishment, their Red scarf (makes me think
of a certian Red Badge of Honor.. ;). This
stands them apart from the rest of the field. I
believe this does in effect give the perception
of a group. As far as the responsibilites of the
Cadets in general, is there any period
presidence? Did the Cadets of any of the schools
band together to make guards or anything of the
kind?   As far as the sword and standing in
court go, forgive me if I overstep my bounds
here... if the Princess asked it to be done,
doesn't that make it okay-AND what should have
been done?
--Zahava batHannah 

---"Zimmermann, Leonard" <zimmerml at>
> On Wednesday, June 02, 1999 8:23 PM, Lord
James De Warrenne wrote:
> [snip of some things the red scarf means to him]
> > That red scarf means (to me) that we have
become examples.  What the 
> > unscarfed would like to be.  Just as the
white scarfs are 
> > examples of what 
> > we want to be.  Chivalric, Honorable,
Courteous (and darn good 
> > fencers) :)
> [further explanations snipped for brevity]
> This makes me wonder further about a question
I have not seen asked yet. So
> far we've seen what a red scarf, or being a
cadet, means to people. We have
> also seen the question asked in many venues
what the White Scarf means. I
> don't think I have yet seen asked what being
unscarved means. If you do not
> have a scarf, what dos it mean to not have a
scarf (or, extend that to
If you have a scarf (red or
> white), how do you view those who do not have
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