ARN - Scarf meanings (was Cadets in Court)

Ledonna tavy at
Thu Jun 3 11:33:54 PDT 1999

Miriam Cook wrote:
> I am a newbie fighter who has not yet even gotten my authorization (hopefully this >weekend though).  

Good luck Zahava, and Have FUN!!!!

>What does not holding a scarf mean to me? It means that I am not ready for the >responsiblity that comes with a scarf of any color. 

I like the point you made.  The scarf says that the holder has taken the
public responsiblity and will be an example.  Some of us still have a
lot to learn and it is good to be reminded that there are those who are
watching. But I feel that everyone in the SCA has the responsibility to
help in the way that they can.  You, yourself have a lot to give to the
art of rapiers, as does anyone who picks up a blade; either as a good
example or a bad one.  I strive to be a good example and from your words
I feel you will too.

As for what I think of a nonscarf...they are my friends, my support, my
comfort, my challenge, those whom I hope to help and whom I look to for
help as we go on to the field on honor. 

I look forward to meeting you Zahava.  
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