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Thu Jun 3 09:42:11 PDT 1999

I have only recently begun to fight in Rapier combat, and I do not have a 
scarf of any color, but I do have a belt of green. What the green, red, and 
yellow belts, and the red scarfs mean to me is simple.

1. an expert in some field has publicly recognized this person for doing 

2. they are in training to become better.

3. they are publicly advertising this desire to better themselves in their 

4. they represent their teacher, wether by oath ar contract, what they do 
reflects directly upon whomever the belt/scarf belongs to.

5. both the person wearing the belt/scarf and the person to whom the 
belt/scarf belongs to want feed back on how and what this person is doing.

So do I treat those wearing a scarf or belt differently than an 
unscarfed/belted? Yes. I watch them with a more critical eye. I look for 
them to teach, and to serve their chosen avocation. I do this because by 
wearing the token in public they and their teachers have ask for them to be 
watched. This doesn't mean I don't watch unbelted/scarfed folk to. One can 
often learn as much from watching as from doing.

Hl Darius of the Bells

>Lionardo queried:
>(some snipage borrowed from a previous post)
> > If you do not have a scarf, what dos it mean to not have a scarf (or,
> > extend that to belt/whatever-symbol-of-relationship-you-wish). If you 
> > a scarf (red or white), how do you view those who do not have scarves?
> >

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