ARN - Scarf meanings (was Cadets in Court)

Robert Kern Wolfe at
Sun Jun 6 06:28:08 PDT 1999

> I do. But when you're showing someone you never met before, and may never
> see again, something new, and a scarf tells them you don't know what
> teaching, how much credability do you think you have?

I guess in the end what it comes down to is this: There are idiots
everywhere and you just have to cope.  There is a good quote from my
European friends when I was in Drachenwald when there was a lot of political
problems going on.  "We have our own royalty and are not as fascinated by it
as you Americans are.  We love the SCA in spite of it's royalty, not because
of it."

So the answer to your problem is a hard one, but it is an answer.  DEAL.
You will have to get used to dealing with it because as soon as you get a
red scarf, some white scarf will come along and do the same thing.  If you
get a white scarf, a regional or kindom marshall or knight may come along
and do the same thing.

Life has it's annoyances and you have to cope with them.  Getting a red
scarf won't change that.

Sorry if it sounds like I'm preaching or being pompous.  But self righteous
idiots that want to make themselves feel big at the expense of others will
always be out there.  In your case maybe he was just trying to help and not
thinking of how it would make you look.  Of course the result is the same,
but you will have to deal with these people for the rest of your life, no
matter what stations you hold or where you are.

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