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Dean, Jenice A. wrote:

> In the discussion concerning how a non scarf is viewed another question
> arises....
> Do you have to become a cadet to become a Don?

About 95% of all Dons were cadets at some point before they became a red
scarf.    We had this same discussion on the cadet list, and I think we came up
with 6 Dons that were never cadets.....of course the first few Dons didn't have
anyone to cadet too.  IMHO most people need a to become a cadet to help them
advance in becoming a Don.    What for?....well a Don can help you with
ins_and_outs both on and off the field.  They can help out when you run into
troubled waters and try to steer you the right way.  They also can bring you up
for a vote in the circle.  Your Don, can  mentally prepare you to sit in the WS
Circle....if you don't know what a WS circle is like........we'll it's my
understanding is they don't talk about the weather *grin*.

What a Cadet is to me.   Yes, first off it is a teacher~student relationship;
however, it IS more.  By putting red scarf on,  you are telling the world,  "I
want to learn,  I want to improve, I want to help, teach, and lead.  I want to
be the best I can!"  The red scarf is an outward sign that you want to become a
leader in the rapier community and someday you want to be a Don and receive your
White scarf.  This is my opinion  I now that cadets are view by many people many
different ways................there are no real requirements to becoming a
cadet, but before you take a red scarf form someone,  my advice is get to know
them first.....Maybe become their student for awhile and see if you can learn
from them and if you can get I said this is my pinion, and not
required, and it might  make things go easier for you later.

May we meet on the field as friends,
Marquet de la Heyt
Student to Don Donovan
Shire of Adlersruhe, Ansteorra

You are going to be at Passa de Arms next weekend right?'s our tenth year
Passa and it's going to be BIG....see your Black Star for details, or contact me
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